Power BI; a data canvas.

Elastacloud built out and published the Power BI Calendar last year and have continued to expand our business extending Power BI with custom visuals. Our approach is that with the right tools and the right approach you can make Power BI a data canvas - a technically complete and ready to go back end for data driven tools.

In typical development scenarios for BI, we host servers, integrate custom data tier code and build UI embedded technology. At each of these stages, custom code related to authentication in implemented, data contracts are exchanged and technology families are transcended. With Power BI, we get the opportunity to use the reporting canvas as a technology vehicle for wholesale replacement for data oriented BI delivery. You can embed your own technology, in every guise, right inside Power BI.

Furthermore, we believe that an immersive experience is the way forward for Data Visualisation and there will be brilliant solutions coming that combine 3d environments, augmented reality and holographic computing. The technical barriers are on the UI tier and not the back end analytics system, which PowerBI is the facade for a long chain of analytics technologies; and Elastacloud has been making great strides in solving these tiers with Power BI extensibility.

More on this subject is to come.