This one has recurred after 4 months. There isn’t a lot of information on this online so I’ll illustrate it here.

The net.tcp  binding uses  port 808. If your web roles hang and your debugger can’t attach but the roles are not being recycled then the cause may be because you already have a binding to this port.

It’s important to understand that the role instances and dfagent, the diagnostics monitor, uses this port to chatter. The error is manifested in a variety of ways. Most notably though via the following:

[2011/11/28, 21:30:40.303, ERROR, 00011940] Container 0a3a839b-caf3-4727-8701-01050bbba309 not found.
[2011/11/28, 21:30:40.305, ERROR, 00011940] <- RuntimeFindContainer=0x80070490

Then it will continue like so:

[2011/11/28, 21:30:40.613, ERROR, 00011940] <- RuntimeContainer::FindRoleUnsafe=0x80070490

And finally with a slew of communication errors:

[2011/11/28, 21:30:40.937, ERROR, 00011932] Failed to read pipe.
[2011/11/28, 21:30:40.938, ERROR, 00011932] <- RuntimepPipeClientThread=0x8007006d
[2011/11/28, 21:30:40.937, ERROR, 00008992] Failed to read pipe.
[2011/11/28, 21:30:40.948, ERROR, 00008992] <- RuntimepPipeClientThread=0x8007006d
[2011/11/28, 21:30:41.443, ERROR, 00001332] Failed to read pipe.
[2011/11/28, 21:30:41.653, ERROR, 00001332] <- RuntimepPipeClientThread=0x8007006d

The above is an aberration whereby the port is in use and cannot be hijacked by the dfagent process leading to the role trying to use one port and the dfagent listening on another.

Another manifestation of this as I’ve seen is with a blatant exception in the devfabric logs which show the net.tcp port 808 tied up within the system. The above is simply a lingering process but if there is a binding error then most likely a service has already locked out the default port and listening on that and dfagent experiences a bind failure. The test is to look for a 3-line error in the logs. First culprit is always IIS so generally stop one of the sites and check the bindings to see whether 808 is in use. Probably is. Remove binding and pray.

As for the other things depicted by the title; there really aren’t any.